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I Was Questioning Every Decision

I never would’ve guessed when my husband and I sat down with Jim Johnson back in the spring of 2010 to discuss insurance policy options, that he would ultimately play an integral role in my life. Let me take a step back. The way that Jim Johnson came in to my life the...

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Time to Move Forward

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jim Johnson without reservation.  When my ex and I realized that marriage counseling wasn’t working out, we knew it was time to move forward with the frightening process of divorce.  The idea of working with attorneys, and the...

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Coming Out of Mediation With Friendship

When I was contemplating divorce, I needed as much information as I could to help me understand what that would really mean to me – in all facets of my life.  So one of my steps was to have a consultation with a lawyer.  As I sat listening to her talk about putting...

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Something We Both Could Live With

When we were going through our divorce, things got bad quickly.  They seemed to remain that way forever,  almost as if time had stopped.  Our attorneys seemed to think of themselves as warriors.  I mean, they were out of control.  To this day I cannot tell if they...

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I’m a Single Mom Now, And I’m OK

Facing the need for an end to my marriage was the most difficult decision of my life. Finances were not my only concern but they had been weighing heavily on me for a long time. My husband was financially successful. But trust had evaporated in our marriage. I had to...

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Relentless Focus on Collaboration

Facing divorce at age 57 was the most difficult situation of my life. Fear, heartbreak, not knowing where to turn or what to do – that was me. After doing online research I contacted Heartland Family Mediators and spoke at length with Jim Johnson. Following that...

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Seeing the Big Picture

I admit to having concerns prior to the first meeting with the staff at Heartland Family Mediators. After that first meeting both of us left feeling their services would be exactly what we needed. The Heartland method is centered on finding peace and not conflict. I...

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Doing Things Right

Dealing with emotions in divorce can be complicated and confusing and this was so true in our divorce. In the fall of 2011 we met with Jim Johnson at Heartland Family Mediators to work out issues to end our marriage. Our two children at the time were ages 6 and 3. Our...

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