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After much discussion, my husband and I made the decision to divorce. Our goal from the beginning was to remain not only civil to one another, we wanted to be able to like and respect each other when the process was behind us.

We have a young son together and we both were committed to making the transition in our marriage as seamless as possible for him. Heartland Family Mediators did not come to our attention through a referral or recommendation, but I believe that it was not a coincidence when they were the first name that popped up on my Google search. After reviewing their website, I got a feeling in my gut that they were the right ones for us.

From our first meeting, we both knew that Heartland Family Mediators and their process was the perfect fit for us. Both Jim and Amy were warm, welcoming, and – in what could have been a very tense and stressful situation – calming. They reminded us that even though we would have difficult times and conversations as we worked through our issues, if we kept as our focus a healthy, happy and cooperative raising of our son, that everything would turn out well. Both Amy and Jim are extremely knowledgeable and they helped us with the concerns we had, sometimes even referring us to other individuals who could help us sort out some of the more intricate details.

Going through the divorce was not easy. But I must say I never dreamed it could turn out this well. I believe our good outcome is due to the exemplary work and personalities of Jim Johnson and Amy Russo. I whole-heartedly recommend using Heartland Family Mediators and their process to any couple considering divorce. I make this recommendation particularly so for those couples having young children.

So now that our divorce is behind us, how have things worked out? Not only do we still like and respect each other after all this, but Jim and Amy helped us plan out our strategies for moving forward, as well as saving us a TON of money in the process.

Thank you, Jim and Amy, for helping us make this transition, for guiding us, and for being a part of our lives!