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No one ever enters marriage thinking they will end up getting divorced, and the same was true for me. When my husband told me he wanted a divorce, my first thought was, “I don’t want this to be ugly.”  I immediately called Jim Johnson knowing he was a mediator. After that conversation I talked with my ex-husband about using mediation and we agreed to try that path versus using attorneys.

My ex-husband and I drafted our own divorce agreement and we were able to communicate fairly well throughout the entire process.  Jim gave us both the help we needed and helped us see the bigger picture.  Instead of arguing over every tiny detail, we instead focused on the little bit of love that we still had for each other.

I highly recommend Jim Johnson and Heartland Family Mediators to anyone who needs mediation services.  While divorce is never easy, Jim and his team helped make the process bearable.  I truly appreciate everything that they have done for me.